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December 27, 2020

NOTE: At the end of this letter DON'T MISS the article about Mike Pence. Perhaps he's holding the ACE to be played on January 6.


The following is a letter from the founder of Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes for our Commander In Chief, President Trump who has been placed in this unique position by our Creator and Sustainer - The same God who placed George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in the pivotal positions they lived in. 






President Trump,

Today, December 23,  is the anniversary of the reading of Thomas Paine’s The American Crisis, Number 1, to Washington’s troops as they prepared their minds, bodies, and spirits for the critical battle of Trenton, which turned the tide of the war.  General Washington had suffered defeat after defeat, and both he and his men were worn down.   Many of his men were demoralized.


He needed a victory, and to get one, he needed to go on the offensive.   And he did.   He ordered Thomas Paine’s immortal words read aloud to his men, to get their minds right, and then General Washington penned a simple note to himself:  “victory or death” – which became the password for the operation to cross the Delaware and attack the Hessians.   At that time, there were many on both sides predicting his inevitable defeat, declaring that he was done, that the cause was lost.  Many turned against him.   But Washington did not listen to the doubting Thomas’s who were urging him to give up, to try to make a deal with the enemy.   Instead, he went on the offensive.   He attacked.   And he won.



Like Washington, you have suffered defeats, treachery, and people you trusted abandoning you, or even turning on you (modern day “Benedict Arnolds” abound).   Like Washington, you have people in your ear, urging you to give up, to make a deal.   Don’t do it.  Follow Washington’s example and attack.

In our last open letter to you, we urged you to invoke the insurrection act, declaring an insurrection to be in existence by domestic enemies of the Constitution who are in allegiance with, and doing the biding of, Communist China and its globalist allies, intent on stealing the election and installing their puppet.   We urged you to use SOCOM and other loyal military units to seize the data not just on election fraud, but also all data held by U.S. intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement that contain the dirt on all American elites who have been bribed or blackmailed by the Chinese Communist regime, or other foreign powers, or who are ideological fellow-travelers and willingly doing their bidding.


We urged you to use your absolute power to declassify ANY secret information and do a Wikileaks style data-dump of that information on the traitors, to expose them all (regardless of political party).   This will show the American people who has been compromised and who is a traitor.  And that will give you the credibility in the only court that really matters at this moment – the court of public opinion among the patriots, and among the military – to do what you must do, which is to walk the same path of decisive action that President Lincoln took.

We pointed out that this is a matter of duty, and is your final, last chance to save this Republic.   To that, we add the following:


You are running out of time.

The Deep State strategy had been, from day one, to do to you what they did to President Reagan:   Surround you with Deep State agents who will assist in containing you by giving you terrible advice and by refusing to take meaningful action in any of their posts (AG Barr is but one example) and then run the clock out on you, until you are gone (and stealing your re-election to avoid the risk of having you in for eight full years).  Right now there are still “advisors” around you telling you that you cannot use the Insurrection Act or do a mass data seizure/data dump to expose the traitors, or take other decisive action to defend our Constitution.   Or they are telling you that you must wait for various reasons  – such as waiting until after January 6, when the joint session of Congress meets to process the electoral college votes.  


Do not listen to them.  That’s just part of the plan to run the clock out on you.   Do your duty, and do it now.   Recognize you are already in a war, and you must act as a wartime president, and there is not a minute to lose.


Do it now. And don’t let the fact that it is Christmas stop you.


Remember, George Washington led his men across the frozen Delaware river on Christmas in 1776 to attack the Hessians at Trenton early the next morning.  Do the same to the Deep State traitors and ChiCom puppets.  Attack them now, using your most effective weapons – your irrefutable powers as Commander-in-Chief and the Insurrection Act of 1807.   Give American patriots a grand Christmas present by dropping the hammer now. Attack our enemies and deal them a crushing blow while they sleep, wrapped in their arrogance.



Why you should not wait until Jan 6, 2021: 

The Republicans in Congress, in both the House and Senate (with a small handful of notable exceptions) are very likely to stab you in the back, just like the GOP controlled RINO state legislatures did.   The Deep State wants you to wait till January 6, 2021 so their GOP puppets (such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell) can betray you yet again, violating their oaths, and certifying electors for a fraudulent imposter.   And if you then take action, they will call you a dictator, accusing you of taking action only to stay in power.  


Under those circumstances, more military service-members may mistakenly believe that Biden is the legitimate President-elect and more of them will unwittingly obey stand down orders from turn-coat Generals.   This does NOT mean that if you wait till then, that you should not still take decisive action if that comes to pass.   You should still invoke the Insurrection Act and do what must be done.   But it will be better for you to do it now, rather than after the 6th.

The GOP controlled state legislatures and other Republican officials in the swing states have already stabbed you in the back and betrayed their oaths, by certifying fraudulent elections that were not conducted according to the Constitutional mandate that “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors …”

Those GOP controlled state legislatures, executive branches, and judiciaries knew that the voting was not done according to actual state law, but was instead done contrary to state law in multiple ways, making the selection of the electors unconstitutional.  And they also knew there was fraud, all resulting the in the disenfranchisement of legitimate voters, who’s right to equal protection of the laws was violated.   And yet they still certified the fraudulent, unconstitutional results, and so far have refused and/or failed to decertify or overturn them.

And the courts, at every level, all the way up to the Supreme Court, have also refused to do their duty to defend the Constitution, and to secure the rights of the people, and have let this fraudulent farce go on.

Why should you expect anything better from even worse swamp creatures in the U.S. House and Senate?   You should expect the dividing lines to be similar to the number of Republicans in Congress who voted “no” on the latest Stimulus Bill.  Only a small handful of Republican Senators had any integrity.   It will be the same with the Electoral College slates.   The majority of them will join in with their Democratic fellow swamp creatures – even the ones you endorsed and helped get elected or re-elected.  They will protect and preserve the swamp instead of the Constitution.   They are loyal to the globalist oligarchy and to the interests of Communist China, instead of loyal to the Constitution or to the American people.

And you saw a similar breakdown on the U.S. Supreme Court, where only two out of nine upheld their oath and their duty to hear the Texas lawsuit against other states, despite it being clearly within their original jurisdiction to hear all cases between states.  All three of  your own Supreme Court nominees turned out to be swamp creatures who stabbed you and the American people in the back by shirking their duty.  Only Justices Thomas and Alito stood tall.

The same will happen in the House and Senate.  A small handful of actual patriots will stand tall.  The rest will fold, with Congress also rubber stamping and certifying unconstitutional voting, and unconstitutional selection of electors in the states, going along with the most blatant theft of an election in U.S. history, to knowingly, willfully, install a fraudulent Chinese puppet and his equally illegitimate running mate.

They could not beat you in a fair election, so they stole it, and now their establishment fellow travelers and/or cowards at every level of government and in every branch are supporting that theft.



Invoking the Insurrection Act NOW Will Pressure Both the States and Congress to Finally Do the Right Thing. 

You need to take decisive action now, calling all National Guard units into national service to keep the peace as you order SOCOM and loyal military intelligence units to seize critical data/evidence and begin exposing Deep State traitors (anyone who has been bribed or blackmailed by Communist China or other foreign entities), and any evidence of vote fraud that has not already been destroyed.   This is bigger than this election.  It’s about insidious subversion and take over of our nation from within by globalist elites in league with one of our most deadly enemies – Communist China.


This will put the fear of God into all the Deep State minions, including any of the compromised Republicans at every level, both in the states and in the U.S. Congress, and will embolden the patriot office-holders to again push for doing the right thing.   The states still have time to de-certify the elections/slates of electors, but time is running out.   Put the bad guys on their heels now.  They won’t be able to know exactly what you now have on them, with all the data seizures all over the nation. They will begin turning on each other, and will roll over, seeking “deals” in exchange for testimony against each other.   It’s very similar to how you take down a crime syndicate or cartel.

Perhaps you should have invoked the Insurrection Act immediately after it became apparent that the election was being stolen.  Not doing so gave traitors time to destroy or manipulate evidence, covering their trail in the states.  As any investigator or prosecutor knows, you don’t leave evidence of criminal activity in the hands of the perpetrators – you seize the evidence as soon as possible to secure it.

We are already a month and a half behind, and now you have a crucial runoff election ongoing in Georgia, that is being stolen as we type this.


Invoke the Insurrection Act to Stop the Steal Going on Right Now in Georgia

Right now the runoff election in Georgia is being stolen. Georgia is using the exact same election model as they used in the November election – same machines, same process.  And you can expect the same results.   They will steal this election as well, giving the Democrats control of the U.S. Senate, and removing any possible barriers to their socialist agenda.

You need to call the Georgia National Guard (and any other state as you determine necessary) into federal service to stop the steal.   Order them to monitor the voting, to secure the ballots and. the voting machines, and to maintain chain of custody over every ballot and all the machines at every step of the process.  Be prepared to relieve from command any commanding officer who will not do their duty.  Expect it.  The Deep State rot has unfortunately infested even the ranks of our military (as you are no doubt aware).


Appoint a true patriot as your Acting Attorney General.

Someone who you know will be a fearless champion for the Constitution and will take on the deep state and fight them tooth and nail.   Have that new A.G. appoint special prosecutors  and all necessary tasks forces to go after not just election fraud, but after all of the deep state and their treason and corruption.  It is time to truly drain the swamp.


White Hats have the Goods

There have always been a group of white hats around you, this group has provided you assistance before and are ready to be called into action. This group has meticulously collected and secured open source data pertaining to the illegal acts committed by the traitors within the government. Barr and many others have failed to utilize the provided information and there may be people still in your orbit obstructing today. Luke 10:19

You need to be working with Patriots from outside the beltway to accomplish the mission – this has always been the problem. Those within the beltway seek to maintain the status quo and have been working against your efforts to drain the swamp. The White Hats only need access to you to help you.   They/we stand ready to assist you.





If you fail to act before January 6, 2021, and Congress at that time fails to defend the Constitution and stop the steal, as we expect them to, then we urge you to immediately take the following actions:



Declare that Congress has failed to defend the Constitution by rubber stamping a fraudulent and unconstitutional election.  


Further declare that the states also failed to defend the Constitution by failing to de-certify a fraudulent election and fraudulently selected electors.  


Also declare that seven out of nine of the Justices on Supreme Court has likewise failed in their duty, by refusing to hear a case squarely within their original jurisdiction.  


Declare that the American people are now being subjected to an extra-constitutional, illegitimate system that “rules” through systemic fraud, without the actual consent of the governed.  And declare that therefore, you will honor your oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

You will not concede to an unconstitutional fraudulent farce, you will not step down, and you will not leave the White House in the hands of an illegitimate, fraudulent imposter, who is a suspected agent of a foreign enemy.

along with the mass declassification and public data-dump (see below), the best thing you can do right now to show the American people, and the military service-members under your command, the reality of our predicament is to play the following videos for them, of a Communist Chinese professor bragging about how they control the inner circle of the American elite, at the very top:


Here is the full video of the Chinese University Professor’s speech:


You are Commander-in-Chief.  

Order that those videos be shown to all current serving U.S. military personnel, immediately.  


And also show them the below excellent documentary by Epoch Times, which goes into detail on how the CCP is engaged in unrestricted warfare against the United States and has, over decades, subverted and infiltrated our nation, conquering it from within, including being directly involved in stealing the election for Biden:



These videos every American should watch, and then come to terms with the truth that Wall Street sold out long ago, and then our political class, our legal class, and all mainstream media likewise sold out, for personal profit and power.

We need to take our country back, and you, Mr. President, need to help us finally get it done.

Invoke the Insurrection Act and call all National Guard units into national service to keep the peace.  

Call all patriotic veterans into federal service as part of the militia.  



One of your clearly described statutory powers as Commander-in-Chief, is to call any veteran until age 65 into federal service as the militia, to serve right there with the National Guard, under your command.   Federal law provides for calling us veterans into service until age 65 because of our prior training and experience.   We are all trained, each according to his or her M.O.S.   Many of us are recent combat veterans of Iraq and/or Afghanistan.


You can order veterans to report to their nearest military base or their nearest National Guard unit to be put to work, likewise assisting in keeping the peace and assisting you in anything else you need done.



Call all patriotic Americans of military age into service.  

You can, and should,  also call into service all able-bodied Americans between the ages of 17-45 who are still loyal to the Constitution.  You need only issue the call and they will respond.  


In fact, tens of thousands of patriotic Americans, both veterans and non-veterans, will already be in Washington D.C., and many of us will have our mission-critical gear stowed nearby just outside D.C., and we will answer the call right then and there, if you call on us.   Us veterans can quickly train, organize, and lead our non-veteran patriot brothers and sisters, to put them to work within their abilities (according to their skillsets and experience in civilian life that can be carried over into military service).

Again, be prepared to relieve from command all Deep State traitor officers in the ranks of the U.S. military and National Guard.  Be prepared to promote loyal patriot officers or noncommissioned officers, or loyal veterans, into command.



Immediately begin the mass declassification and Wikileaks style data-dump to expose all the traitors, freeing Julian Assange so he can assist in this vital task.  

You need to do this mass data declassification and public data-dump immediately, but if you do wait until after January 6, it will be all the more critical that you do it as fast as you can, and with as much evidence of treason being disclosed to the American people as you can possibly facilitate in the short time you will have to do it before January 20.  


Again, the most critical court is the court of public opinion and the most critical portion of that will be the current serving military, and the veterans of this nation (to avoid as much bloodshed as possible).  They must know the truth, and all of the truth, no matter how ugly it is, and about both major political parties.  


Do not spare the GOP traitors any more than you spare the Democrat traitors. Expose them all.  Dump all their skeletons  in the the street (all evidence of their bing bribed, blackmailed, or otherwise colluding with our enemies) for the people to see.  


That will maximize your credibility, and will maximize the number of military personnel and federal law enforcement who will side with the Constitution and the rights of the people, and it will maximize the number of Americans who finally have the veil lifted from their eyes so they can see evil in high places among the principalities of the earth.


Remember, this is really a world war of the people vs tyrants and evil oligarchs.   The world is watching us to see what we do, just as the world watched the Founding Fathers to see what would happen, and when they shook off the chains of monarchy, the world followed their example, in one nation after another.   The same will happen again.  And it starts by exposing all the dark secrets.



Immediately order the U.S. military and National Guard units to conduct a new nationwide election that is an actually clean election using paper ballots.   Order this to be done ASAP.  


Do NOT concede to an illegitimate, fraudulent election, or illegitimate state and federal rubber stamping of that illegitimate election.  


Declare that no electronic voting is secure or free from being manipulated, hacked, or otherwise used to commit vote fraud.

There needs to be a new election, nationwide, for all positions that were to be determined by the November election (and the GA runoff election), that is actually a clean election, giving true respect to the right of the people to elect their representatives, so that the consent of the governed is honored.  And until that new election is undertaken, you must not step down.   You cannot concede to an illegitimate election and allow a fraudulent “President” to take office.  


He must win by an actual election, if he is to win.

Carry out a clean election, as fast as is humanly possible, and honor the results, whatever they may be.



We recommend the following:

The new election will be conducted by the national guard and veterans as part of the militia, and/or the U.S. military over a two week period on paper ballots, with constant civilian observers and the public being able to observe at every stage of the process.

The paper ballots are to be assigned an ID number that can be given to the voter and the name and ID number should be registered in a live time voter database on a secure military server (creating a scrolling sheet that is constantly updating).  There should be a concurrent manual ballot count, along with the entry into the database, indicating voter ID number, and votes (maintaining voter privacy but also allowing the voter to audit their own vote).

The voter will put their thumb print on the paper ballot with purple ink (just like we did in Iraq) so nobody can vote more than once.   All voters must provided some form of government issued ID that proves identity and residency.   For federal elections, they must also prove citizenship in some way (by federal law, only U.S. citizens can vote in federal elections. This law must be enforced).

The voter shall be given a photo copy of their ballot so they can audit it later at their command and discretion at any time during business hours at their local county clerks office to confirm that their vote was not changed, and that it was counted.

The paper ballots will be counted at the end of the two week period. All ballots are to be securely maintained during the voting period by the military and militia (including National Guard) under constant supervision by the military, by the militia, and by local civilian observers selected by lottery and will be counted in front of any other citizens who wish to monitor.  The whole process should be transparent and open to the public to observe at every step.  At the time of the count the ballot ID number will be acknowledged in the database as having been counted. The ballots will then be made available for audit by the individual voter.

We must also clean up all the other public offices from past elections.  All local communities are to hold public referendums on their elected officials with the support of the military and/or militia to decide if they should remove from office any or all of their other sitting elected officials, and/or to conduct special elections using the same protocols as above.


No party will be allowed to participate in such a referendum and only the citizens will determine if ALL other elected officials in their state are removed and a new special election held for all elected positions.  Any new election will be conducted in the above described manner.


If we fail to root out the deep state, root and branch, NOW, this Republic is dead.  We the People will not let that happen.   But we need you, President Trump, to stand up and honor your oath, and do your duty as our President and Commander-in-Chief.


Know this:  millions of American military and law enforcement veterans, and many millions more loyal patriotic American gun owners stand ready to answer your call to arms, and to obey your orders to get this done.   Our goal is to honor our oaths to defend the Constitution and ultimately to restore our Constitutional Republic.


President Trump, you must be as decisive, if not more so, than President Lincoln was at the outset of the Civil War, when he issued an arrest warrant for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, issued arrest warrants for several members of Congress, for sitting state representatives and officials, as well as newspaper editors, as he suppressed an insurrection and rebellion that had spread throughout all branches of government at all levels.


If you fail to do your duty, you will leave We the People no choice but to walk in the Founders footsteps, by declaring the regime illegitimate, incapable of representing us, destructive of the just ends of government – to secure our liberty- and to be a mere puppet of a deadly foreign enemy.  And, like the Founding generation, we will take to arms in defense of our God given liberty, we will declare our independence from that puppet regime, and we will fight for our liberty.


There are millions of American patriots standing ready.  Do not forsake them.  Do not leave them to have to do it all themselves.   Keep your promise.  

Drain the Swamp.  Do it now!  


We will help you at every step of the way.


For the Republic,


Stewart Rhodes,

Founder of Oath Keepers

US Army Airborne veteran

Yale Law 04


Kellye SoRelle

Texas patriot lawyer

Former Texas Prosecutor




The term “martial law” is nowhere in the constitutional text (go look.  You won’t find it there).  The power of Congress to provide for calling forth the militia to suppress an insurrection, on the other hand, IS in the constitutional text, and Congress did so, starting in 1807, in the Insurrection Act (and all its amended versions since).  Suppressing an insurrection and “martial law” are very different and should not be conflated or confused.


All the above recommended actions can be done under constitutional powers and authorities pursuant to the Insurrection Act, and pursuant to the President’s powers and duties under Article II.   President Trump does NOT need to try to step outside the Constitution to enforce it.   He merely needs to use his constitutional powers in defense of that same Constitution, and in defense of the rights of the American people, pursuant to the Constitution (such as the right to vote, as well as the right to equal protection of the laws).


So please stop using the term “martial law” to describe actions President Trump can and must undertake to suppress this insurrection.   You do a great disservice to the cause when you throw that term around instead of simply advocating his use of the Insurrection Act, and you only make it easier for our enemies to claim that President Trump is acting outside the Constitution and is a wanna-be dictator.   Keep the focus on the Constitution, where it belongs.


Further, the Insurrection Act allows for the President to make his own determination of the facts regarding the existence of an ongoing insurrection.  This is something else people seem to have a hard time understanding.  He can invoke the Insurrection Act, and then gather the evidence of the extent of the insurrection and treason committed by individuals, for later prosecution in trials for treason, sedition, espionage, etc.  He doesn’t have to provide that evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt” up front.  But he does need to articulate, to the American people, what is happening and why, and then he needs to seize the evidence and do that massive declassification and data-dump so the American people have a sense of just how widespread the corruption, treason, sedition, and espionage really is.   Then comes the indictments, arrests, prosecutions, and public trials, before juries of We the People, as our Constitution requires.   And that is where evidence beyond a reasonable doubt will need to be presented to the jury.

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